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Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units based on Sabroe reciprocating compressors are world-renowned for their reliability.

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Using natural, future-safe refrigerants supports your sustainability goals and ensures higher efficiency.

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Lower Cost

Their compact design and innovative technology mean they're easier to service and you'll save on installation costs.

  • Factory-assembled, pretested packaged units
  • Available in many compressor capacities making it easy to match specific requirements
  • Outstanding reliability

  • Exceptionally compact design
  • Refrigerant charge 50% smaller than conventional chillers
  • High COP and outstanding part-load performance

  • Compact design that require small footprint
  • High COP and very low power consumption
  • Very small ammonia charge

  • Outdoor installation in weatherproof enclosure
  • Easy to mount, install and connect
  • Natural refrigerant R717 (ammonia)

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