Energy-efficient Reciprocating, Screw and Customised Chillers

To stay competitive, you need to ensure your equipment is reliable and energy efficient. Sabroe provides a range of standardised packaged chiller configurations, all based on high-efficiency Sabroe reciprocating and screw compressors. As a result, Sabroe chillers are at the forefront of this ever-changing specialist market and world-renowned for dependability. All units come with Sabroe's UniSAB III systems controllers, core connectivity hubs that help make sure our chillers have the best possible performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs.

Reciprocating Chillers

Sabroe's units provide exceptional refrigeration capacity — taking full advantage of the many reliable models of our reciprocating compressors. They're easy to install, compact, and have the efficiency you'd expect from Sabroe.
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Sabroe Reciprocating chiller

Screw Chillers

Sabroe's packaged ammonia chillers based on screw compressors come in a variety of standard models, each with a compact design and range of equipment options to ensure the best possible performance and application versatility.
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ChillPAC Air - Sabroe chiller for outdoor installation

Sabroe ChillPAC Air is the next generation of compact, ultra-efficient air-cooled chillers from Johnson Controls. Designed specifically for outdoor installation, ChillPAC Air provides leading sustainability and efficiency in one modular system. The design is based around a single reciprocating chiller unit, which sits alongside an air-cooled condenser.  

Easy to retrofit, you can add cooling capacity flexibility without needing to build or reconfigure a machine room. Straightforward pre-commissioning speeds up installation, saving you time and money. ChillPAC offers unique part load performance using the SMC reciprocating compressor's impressive speed range and capacity control. Once installed, the entire system can be managed via Sabroe's own UniSAB controller. The simplicity of ChillPAC Air’s modular system and effectiveness in limited space makes it suitable for highly diverse applications. 

For more sustainable, cost-effective cooling – Sabroe ChillPAC Air from Johnson Controls.

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