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They say a sum is only as good as its parts, and that couldn't be more true for industrial refrigeration and heating solutions. With Global IR Sabroe Parts, which are ordered through EasyParts, you'll have access to 6,000 stocked and 34,000 non-stocked items to get your equipment back in working order with the dependability and reliability Sabroe is known for. In addition, our fleet of long-life spare parts have an extended warranty and feature long-life quality you can trust.

EasyParts LCC tool

This gives you the full life cycle material cost of your compressor with easy-to-calculate required service intervals and estimated service costs over a decade (minimum) for both the prescribed and extended warranty. It also provides a complete overview of all the kits and service sets needed to meet the warranty conditions of your compressor.

Available for registered customers via EasyParts in Solution Navigator.

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EasyParts - Solutions Navigator is your one-stop-shop for ordering spare parts, kits and service sets online for Sabroe, Frick, Gram, and Stal compressors. Plus, it's easy to find the parts you need for each compressor type. 

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·  Prices and real-time availability
·  Technical support
·  Warranty & claim system
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Long-life upgrade sets

Boost your Sabroe reciprocating compressor with extended service intervals and spend less on servicing with a long-life upgrade set.You'll also see fewer glitches and breakdowns, extended time between service, increased compressor usage with less downtime, and a 3-year warranty on parts delivered.

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Sabroe Compressor Oil

In addition to high-quality parts, Sabroe also offers a high-quality range of branded synthetic and semi-synthetic oils specially developed for industrial refrigeration systems. Unlike mineral oils, Sabroe's oils are manufactured using stringent refining standards that ensure chemical stability batch after batch, which is why we provide unequivocal guarantees for quality and performance.

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