A Legacy of Industrial Heat Pump Quality and Innovation

Sabroe has been making both high-temperature heat pumps and high-capacity heat pumps since 1982 and now has a leading portfolio of industrial solutions with a focus on energy efficiency and reliable performance. Our industrial heat pumps play a vital role in supporting the departure from fossil fuels. The flexibility of our modular designs makes it possible to capture waste heat at multiple temperatures with optimal efficiency. All units come with Sabroe's UniSAB III systems controllers, core connectivity hubs that help make sure our heat pumps have the best possible performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs.

High Capacity Reciprocating Heat Pumps

In the large scale natural refrigerant heat pump market, our units provide exceptional heat pump capacity from the smallest possible footprint with only a very small refrigerant charge. Using ammonia as refrigerant, these ammonia heat pumps provide low operating costs while keeping the reliability and dependability you'd expect from Sabroe.
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High-capacity heat pump
High-capacity heat pump

High Capacity Screw Heat Pump

Created specifically to address market requirements for heat pump applications, Sabroe screw high-capacity heat pumps offer quicker, cost-effective installation. They are highly efficient, compact and support future goals of net-zero greenhouse gas emission.
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HyePac High Temperature Heat Pump

The HyePAC heat pump uses an absorption/compression process to heat water up to 120°C with proven hybrid energy technology. The HyePAC high temperature industrial heat pump is a great solution for process, dairy, district heating and pharma applications.
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High-temperature industrial heat pump

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