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AMS has many years of practical experience with the repair and refurbishment of used refrigeration compressors bearing the Sabroe, Frick, Gram and Stal brand names. We share the full scope of our expert know-how and specialist experience about compressor units, control systems and how to optimise their operation.
The unique AMS blend of repair, refurbishment and consulting capabilities provides big, practical benefits for both your operations and your end-user customers (including less downtime, greater energy efficiency and a better return on investment). Additionally, our product lines with Air Purgers (AP) and Water, Dirt & Oil Purifiers (WDO) make Sabroe the smart choice to optimise your industrial refrigeration system. We offer products and solutions that ensure operational stability and with minimum operating costs while always complying with legal and environmental regulations.

Compressor Solutions

AfterMarket Solutions offer compressor solutions for every need. Our programme enables the customer to choose between an exchange compressor, a factory overhaul or a retrofit compressor. All three solutions support recycling and sustainability.

Compressor Exchange

Is a recycling programme that enables customers to buy a new or rebuilt compressor in exchange of an old, worn out compressor.

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Compressor Factory Overhaul

Send your compressor to our AMS workshop for repair or service. The overhaul is carried out with genuine spare parts by a highly qualified team of technicians.

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Compressor Retrofit

Enables customers to buy a new compressor block to be mounted on an existing unit. This will drastically reduce your maintenance costs and shorten the lead times.

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AP100 + Mini WDO Combination

A combination of air and water purger specially designed for use in small industrial refrigeration systems and all sizes of industrial chiller units.

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AP1200 + WDO1200 Combination

A powerful combination of air and water purging systems that can handle all sizes of industrial refrigeration systems. 
The combined system ensures that no air, water or other impurities are left in the system. 

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AP1000 Air Purger

Specially designed to maintain the efficiency of an ammonia refrigeration plant by removing any air present in the refrigerant charge.
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WDO Water, Dirt & Oil Purifier

Maintains the efficiency of the plant by bringing down the content of oil and water in the refrigerant. Water and dirt are some of the most common reasons for breakdowns in a refrigeration plant.

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