Industrial Refrigeration and Heating Solutions for High Tech Applications

When 24/7 uptime is essential, count on chiller systems and heat pumps that are world-renowned for their reliability - such as HPC reciprocating compressors, HeatPAC heat pumps, and HicaHP heat pumps. Sabroe has dependable units designed for data centres and other facilities when downtime is not an option.

Our focus

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The departure from using fossil fuels is a key goal in managing climate change. With Sabroe’s proven heat pump technology, you can reuse low-value heat from sources like sea water, ground source water, sewage water and air or industrial waste water. Using high-capacity heat pumps from Sabroe, you can ensure high-value heat of up to 95˚C and obtain useful energy in the district heating system with zero CO2 emission and reduced energy costs.

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Our unique combination of market-leading expertise and first-mover technology capabilities means that we know how to prevent downtime and difficulties that may crop up.

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Digital tech companies are transforming our world, and they rely on solutions to cost-effectively manage equipment temperatures. Sabroe helps prevent equipment meltdowns and offers clever energy recycling solutions for data centres, server farms, communications nodes, broadcasting installations and more.

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