Industrial Refrigeration Solutions for the Utilities Industry

For utility providers seeking sustainable equipment, Sabroe offers energy-efficient solutions designed to reduce harmful emissions, including HPC reciprocating compressors, HeatPAC heat pumps, and HicaHP heat pumps. We build our products for the use of natural refrigerants and engineer our machines to run with optimal efficiency.

Our Focus

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We're comitted to full transparency and helping our customers. That's why our specialists use the same data and documentation for each Sabroe setup and are confident there won't be unwelcome surprises.

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Our Sabroe systems utilise natural refrigerants like ammonia and carbon dioxide, so our customers obtain energy savings with the most energy-efficient products designed for all industrial applications.

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Sabroe industrial refrigeration and heating systems, from HPC reciprocating compressors to HeatPAC and HicaHP heat pumps, put companies in a better position to achieve their green commitments for upcoming generations.

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