How do you make a difference using Sabroe technology?

Avoid costly downtime and difficulties by choosing the right equipment!
With more than a century of heavyweight practical experience in industrial refrigeration, Sabroe experts know pretty much all the on-site pitfalls, glitches, and bottlenecks likely to occur. This means that when you specify Sabroe equipment, you get more than you’d normally expect. Our unique combination of market-leader expertise and firstmover technology capabilities means that we know how to help prevent difficulties and downtime rather than spending time and money dealing with them once they’ve cropped up.

We have so many ways of helping you make a difference in the fight for a better climate. Here's a few examples of groundbreaking low-impact heating/cooling solutions based on Sabroe technology and know-how:

  • Our new Sabroe HyePAC heat pump featuring high temperatures with natural refrigerants; with ammonia-water mixture refrigerants, we can reach temperatures up to 120°C - while meeting sustainability goals and keeping costs low. Read more
  • Our Sabroe HicaHP heat pump family features an industry-first, high-capacity screw compressor, delivering up to 95°C in high-pressure heat pump applications. This technology enables several sectors and industries to move away from fossil fuels towards electrification and renewable energy. Read more
  • Sabroe DualPAC and HeatPAC heat pumps reclaim waste heat, extract valuable thermal energy, and roll back CO2 emissions by combining compressor and heat-exchanger technologies with patented Sabroe evaporator and condenser designs. Read more
  • Sabroe ChillPAC refrigeration plants deliver 1,400 kW of cooling effect using only 55 kg of ammonia refrigerant. This is a significantly lower charge than any other chiller in the market. Read more

Reap the full potential of your equipment investments
In the world of industrial refrigeration, the equipment you buy – whether standardised or individually customised – is just part of the overall picture.
You only reap the full potential of your equipment purchases when they are effectively integrated into your existing setup and when all the operating parameters are fine-tuned to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness.

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