Discover Sabroe high-temperature hybrid heat pump series, HyePAC: Now with up to 120°C temperature output

Sabroe reaches high temperatures with natural refrigerants.
Heat pumps are designed to transfer heat, rather than generate it, enabling a much higher conversion of electricity to useful process heat. And now, with ammonia-water mixture refrigerants, we can reach temperatures up to 120°C - while meeting sustainability goals and keeping costs low.

Our high-temperature hybrid heat pumps are the ideal solution for utilising low-temperature waste heat and turning it into hightemperature useful output.

The ammonia-water (NH3 / H2 O) Sabroe hybrid heat pump range utilises unique, patented technology, coupled with standard and proven refrigeration components and compressors.

Our range includes:

  • HyePAC
  • HyePAC-D

We know that your facilities need high-temperature input. With the rising costs of primary energy and push for cutting CO2 emissions, we make your decarbonisation journey easier with our unique, patented, hybrid high-temperature heat pump technology.

The future of green HVAC
Using a mixture of ammonia and water, a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant, Sabroe high-temperature hybrid heat pumps provide green technology that paves the way for the carbon-neutral operations and industrial processes essential for virtually every enterprise.

Benefits of using Sabroe green technology:

  • Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units based on Sabroe reciprocating compressors
  • High safety and outstanding reliability
  • Exceptional COP and outstanding part-load performance
  • High efficiency due to optimum load structure

Click to download our hybrid heat pump brochure for Sabroe HyePAC.