Achieve your green commitments with Sabroe product solutions

Sabroe refrigeration and heating systems - such as chillers, heat pumps and other customised products - put companies in a better position to achieve their green commitments to the coming generations. With Sabroe systems using natural refrigerants like ammonia and carbon dioxide, our industrial cooling and heating customers will obtain energy savings with the most energy-efficient products designed for virtually all types of industrial applications and projects.

Good for the climate, good for business
At Sabroe, we can supply the technology you need to help you make amazing things happen.

Opting for heating or cooling solutions supplied by Sabroe means you and your company are part of the push to tackle climate change in all the many ways laid down in the SDGs.

Nothing ends up in landfill
The Sabroe Factory has achieved Johnson Controls “Zero Landfill” status. The Johnson Controls Total Waste Management Program ensures the waste streams from all our activities are treated, reduced, and/or recycled – so nothing ends up in landfills. We want to prevent leaving behind problems for the generations to come.

Get in touch with our experts to know more about environmental impacts of your heating or cooling setups.