Products on display at Chillventa 2018

The SABROE® brand products are renowned for their high-quality refrigeration equipment, operational excellence and cost effectiveness, and therefore ideal for companies that believe in the importance of energy-efficient equipment.

The following SABROE® products will be on display at Chillventa:

  • The new version of the SABROE® reciprocating compressor SMC Mk 5 with Unisab III control system, which sets new benchmarks with its smaller footprint, longer maintenance intervals and improved speed drive.
  •  The SABROE® high-pressure screw compressor SAB 273, which is specially developed for use with site-built heat pump installations in high-temperature and high-capacity configurations. The SAB 273 sets new standards in problem-free water production up to a temperature of 95° C and use of heat sources up to 60° C for optimum COP (Coefficient of Performance).
  • The reliable SABROE® water cooled chiller ChillPAC 112 has a compact design and a flooded evaporating system that only uses natural ammonia. Like all the models in the ChillPAC series, it has an exceptionally small refrigerant charge (less than 50 kg of natural ammonia refrigerant for 1,000 kW of cooling capacity).