Screening of guests to the Sabroe Factory

Johnson Controls Denmark has restricted access for visitors due to Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, Johnson Controls Denmark has restricted access for external guests. Guests may only be permitted access if their visit is considered business critical, and only according to agreement with the immediate manager. Upon arrival, external guests must present a valid Covid Certificate at the reception. The reception must be informed in advance, and guests must be provided with and complete the "Visitors QR-form" prior to the meeting.

In Holme, external visitors such as craftsmen must present a valid Covid certificate upon arrival at the factory. However, this requirement does not apply to drivers from logistics companies.  


  • Agency temp workers, interns and other non-JCI employees that work on site on a daily basis (and e.g. possess individual access badges) are not considered “external guests”. 
  • External personnel who do not require access to the site beyond the reception or mailroom (postal workers, couriers etc.) are not considered “external guests”.