New SABROE image movie

We CAN and WILL keep our planet cool!

"With 7.6 billion people and a population growth of 83 million a year and less than 25 million square miles of habitable land, the world's carbon footprint is heavily excessing all tolerable limits. 20% of the world's electricity consumption is used for cooling purposes. As a market leader within the cooling and heating industry, Johnson Controls and the SABROE business unit have taken matters into our own hands."

This is how our new SABROE profile movie starts, and it goes on showing how SABROE products help our customers make amazing things happen ... good for the climate, good for business. The movie demonstrates that we are ready to push to tackle climate change: We CAN and WILL keep our planet cool.

The movie is suited for use at seminars, exhibitions and customer meetings.

Click here to see and/or download the movie.