HeatPAC HPX heat pump

High-pressure SABROE HeatPAC HPX

Single-stage high-pressure ammonia-based heat pumps, using a reciprocating compressor, with a 300–1300 kW capacity range.

SABROE HeatPAC HPX heat pumps are compact units with an integrated single-stage configuration that features less than half the space and weight requirements of any other heat pump designs usually needed to achieve 90°C hot water outputs.

These energy-eficient units feature a breakthrough HPX hybrid compressor design that allows differential pressures a high as 40 bar and discharge pressures as high as 60 bar, combined with space-saving evaporator technology from the ChillPAC packaged ammonia chiller.

Download the SABROE heat pump programme here.

Download product description of the SABROE HeatPAC HPX here.