ChillPAC Air

Sabroe ChillPAC Air

Sabroe ChillPAC Air is a series of air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. It is a standardised system based on a single reciprocating chiller unit inside an enclosure, combined with an air-cooled condenser placed right next to it. The chillers have a capacity range between 300 and 1400 kW.

With this solution, cooling capacity can be added without needing to build/rebuild a machine room. ChillPAC Air offers flexible and simple on-site installation for remote or local cooling needs, without any supplementary water-cooling assembly required.

ChillPAC Air uses ammonia (R717) as refrigerant and is thus a future-safe solution supporting sustainability and ensuring high efficiency. It is also an excellent solution for replacement of obsolete and high-GWP chillers.

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