AP1200 + WDO1200 (combined)

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The very powerful AP1200 + WDO1200 is a combined air and water purging system that can handle all sizes of industrial refrigeration systems that use ammonia (R717) as refrigerant and ensure no air, water and other impurities are left in the system. New feature is the controller with signal of water content and purged air timer.


  • The amount of purged air can be determined from controller with purge timer and capacity table.
  • Relation between air and water content in system becomes visible.
  • Helps prevent undesirable chemical reactions in all systems in a refrigeration installation.
  • Warning signals when ready for pump down and water drainage from controller.
  • Low installation costs as AP1200 + WDO1200 can use the same connections.


  • Normally reduces refrigeration equipment energy consumption by as much as 5-10%.
  • Reduces operating costs and keeps the refrigeration system and its components operating at maximum efficiency.
  • More stable operation as well as lower service and maintenance costs.
  • Fewer oil changes needed improved operating efficiency and longer service life for equipment and installations.
  • Easy and cheap to install, operate and service.


  • AP1200 + WDO1200 purging system
  • AP1200
  • Both versions are available with and without controls. 

For additional information or enquiries, please send an e-mail to: AfterMarketSolutions@jci.com