AP100 + Mini WDO (combined)

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The AP100 + Mini WDO is a combined air and water purger specially designed for use in small industrial refrigeration systems and all sizes of industrial chiller units that use ammonia (R717) as refrigerant.

AP100 + Mini WDO units use excess thermal energy from the air purger to remove any water, dirt or oil (WDO) that might be present in an ammonia refrigerant charge.
This enables you to tackle multiple refrigerant contamination problems at once at relatively low cost.
Installing an AP100 + Mini WDO unit means, you reap the full benefits of clean ammonia with consistent specifications, for use at the heart of your refrigeration systems.


  • Uses energy often wasted in an air purger to provide additional water purging capabilities.
  • Constantly purges efficiency-sapping air and water from your refrigeration system.
  • Helps prevent undesirable chemical reactions in all systems in a refrigeration installation.
  • Prevents any water present in the refrigerant from degrading the lubricant oil.
  • Only three connections needed – wet suction, low-pressure liquid and fouled gas line.
  • Normally already available on most chillers.



  • Normally reduces refrigeration equipment energy consumption by as much as 5-10%.
  • Reduces operating costs and keeps the refrigeration system and its components operating at maximum efficiency.
  • More stable operation as well as lower service and maintenance costs.
  • Fewer oil changes needed improved operating efficiency and longer service life for equipment and installations.
  • Easy and cheap to install, operate and service.



  • AP100 + Mini WDO – no controls
  • AP100 + Mini WDO – incl. level switch for 1 pp (stand-alone)
  • AP100 + Mini WDO – incl. control panel for 16 pp


For additional information or enquiries, please send an e-mail to: AfterMarketSolutions@jci.com