Project Climate Planet

Johnson Controls is proud to be a part of the Climate Planet campaign – a campaign towards a greener and more sustainable world. Johnson Controls has been a part of this unique project from the beginning and is the main sponsor for 2017.

The Climate Planet was created to inform and inspire the public to find solutions to climate change problems. Climate Planet is one of the world’s largest globes, almost 80 feet in diameter. Inside the globe there is room for 300 guests who can experience a replica of the planet Earth, 13 feet in diameter. A movie is beamed onto the planet and it starts with live transmissions from four NASA satellites. Climate Planet underlines the fact that we humans have only one Earth. This is also the message of the 35-minute movie about our world’s climate situation. “We have no Planet B”.

Still, Climate Planet’s message is optimistic: it is possible to create a sustainable world for all of us.

An encouraging experience

It’s not only the movie in the globe that encourages visitors to think about sustainable actions in their daily lives. The adjacent exhibition containers show the Climate Planet sponsors’ sustainable solutions. Johnson Controls tells several good stories about for instance energy efficiency and waste heat.

Climate Planet is currently in Aarhus, Denmark, and will during the next four years visit 24 major cities in Europe.


Photo credit: Allan Toft