New Sabroe product - ChillPAC Air with air-cooled condenser

Best-in-market efficiency with natural R717 future-safe refrigerant

ChillPAC Air is a standardised system based on a single reciprocating chiller unit inside an enclosure, combined with an air-cooled condenser placed right next to it.

ChillPAC Air is based on the popular and well-known ChillPAC family philosophy, and it shares many components and benefits with ChillPAC and ChillPAC LP.   

ChillPAC Air features:

  • Natural R717, future-safe refrigerant 
  • Lowest possible refrigerant charge 
  • Best-in-market efficiency 
  • Outdoor installation 
  • Flexible positioning  
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning 
  • Small footprint/compactness 
  • Adding additional capacity to an existing cooling system,
    without rebuilding the machine room.


Click here to download a brochure on ChillPAC Air.  


The ChillPAC Air chiller is launched on 1st September 2021.