ECO design - SEPR or SEER?

With the latest updates of the ECO design and the COMP1 sales tool it has become necessary to check our standard chiller offerings in terms of SEPR and SEER. In general, we use different calculations for process chillers (SEPR) and comfort chillers (SEER).

To run the required check, it is of utmost importance that we make sure to have a mutual understanding of when to use which calculation method. In the SEER regulation for comfort chillers a specific brine outlet temperature, leaving the evaporator, is specified at +7°C. A COMP1 calculation is forced to use this one temperature at 100% load.

In our letter of compliance, we have defined all chillers with an evaporator outlet temperature of +7°C or more as a comfort chiller, regardless of the application.

This means that all chillers with evaporator outlet temperatures below +7°C (down to -25°C) belong to the process chiller group.

Leaving brine temperatures below -25°C are not within the ECO design scope, and consequently there is no need for any check!