A sustainable future

We have no Planet B - let's keep our planet cool!

2016 was the 31st year in a row in which the global mean temperature was above the normal. (Normal temperature measured between 1961 and 1990). When the temperature rises it means more than just a warm summer. The weather gets more extreme. The snow cover in the Northern hemisphere decreases. This influences the sea level and increases the risk of flooding. Experts expect that about 250 million people worldwide will have to move by 2050 as a result of climate change, due to extreme weather and floods.

Climate change is on the global agenda and something that affects us all. There will be major consequences worldwide if we don’t act on the climate change now. At Johnson Controls, we are dedicated to protecting the environment. All over the world, our products and services empower customers and communities to consume less energy and conserve resources.

Johnson Controls wants to motivate the industry to take environmental responsibility, e.g. through the utilisation of thermal losses from industrial refrigeration.

Together we can make a difference and make a more sustainable world for the next generations.

Source: DMI.dk