Sabroe celebrates 125 years

Through the years, Sabroe products and applications have enabled millions of people to enjoy a modern lifestyle: a farm-fresh meal in the middle of the city, a cold drink on a sunny day or making sure that the internet, powered by energy-optimized data centers, never overheats. In a nutshell, Sabroe’s customised refrigeration and heating solutions support numerous industries, ranging from ...

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With 7.6 billion people and a population growth of 83 million a year and less than 25 million square miles of habitable land, the world's carbon footprint is heavily excessing all tolerable limits. 20% of the world's electricity consumption is used for cooling purposes. As a market leader within the cooling and heating industry, Johnson Controls and the Sabroe business unit have taken matters into our own hands.

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Johnson Controls

Sabroe is a product brand by Johnson Controls - a $ 30 billion organisation with approx. 117,000 employees - founded in 1885 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin/US.

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The quality and reliability of Sabroe compressors mean that they are ideal as the basis on which to build larger, specialized package solutions.

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Maximum reliability builds on unparalleled experience

Sabroe solutions are backed by more than a century of continuous technical development, refinement and improvement.

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Part of Johnson Controls

Sabroe is a product brand owned by Johnson Controls Inc. The Sabroe brand belongs to the Johnson Controls Building Efficiency division, operating from 500 offices in more than 150 countries.


Cooling and heating play key roles in virtually any sustainable energy set-up. This makes Sabroe products ideal to use due to their energy efficiency performance and use of natural refrigerants.


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